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Elizabeth Olukanni

Elizabeth Olukanni

Yoruba tutor


Hello beautiful people! I am Elizabeth Olukanni, a licensed, experienced, and passionate educator. I am dedicated to helping learners of all ages meet their academic goals, especially in English Language, Literature in- English and Yoruba Language.

If you aspire to write and speak either English Language or Yoruba Language fluently, I assure you have met the right person. My services include engaging learners in personalized lessons that cater to the learner’s specific needs and learning styles. Whether you are a starter, an emerging, or an advanced learner, I am available to guide you through.


I am a Nigerian from a Yoruba-speaking ethnic group. I speak Yoruba fluently and I can help learners speak and write Yoruba Language well. I am also a fluent speaker of English Language. I hold a Bachelor’s degree in English Language and Literature-in-English from the University of Lagos. I am a member of TRCN and ELTAN (professional groups in Nigeria).


I have over 20 years of experience teaching English Language and Yoruba to students of various ages and backgrounds. I have worked with individuals and small groups. My teaching methods are interactive, engaging, and tailored to each student’s goals and learning pace. I believe in creating a positive and supportive learning environment where students feel comfortable to ask questions and make mistakes.


My teaching approach is communicative, emphasizing the practical use of the language. I focus on developing all four language skills: speaking, listening, reading, and writing. Through a variety of activities such as conversations, role-plays, games, and multimedia resources, I ensure that my students actively engage with the language and build confidence in their abilities.

SERVICES OFFER: Beginner and advanced language lessons – Grammar and vocabulary building – Pronunciation and accent improvement. I also prepare students for special exams such as WAEC, BECE etc


With my years of experience, I will help my learners enjoy interactive and engaging methods, patient and supportive approach to learning.  What are you waiting for? Contact me and schedule classes with me. Thank you!

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